Not a Card!

I don’t sew very often because it’s too much of a hassle to get all my sewing stuff out – if I ever get a dedicated crafting space that may change! Last night I had a few uninterrupted hours to myself & decided to tackle a sewing project I’d been planning for a couple of weeks. I recently bought myself a little tablet PC with detachable keyboard, but had been unable to find a bag for it which I was happy with – most are designed for iPads & my tablet is a couple of centimetres wider. Then I saw this¬†over at CraftPassion and knew I’d found the answer to my problem. A few hours’ work later:

This fits my tablet PC perfectly as you can see here:
This next photo shows the bag with the mains adaptor in the front pocket, which is a bit of a tight fit but it works. The USB cable fits into the back pocket. If I made another bag I’d probably make the pocket slightly longer, so it comes further up the side, with perhaps elastic across the top of the pocket.
I modified the design in a couple of ways: first, I used quite thick padding instead of interfacing to give some protection. This made the finished bag slightly bulkier & by the time I’d finished, the tablet was such a neat fit in the bag that I decided to use the simpler fastening method instead of the zip I’d planned, because that would have scratched the tablet. Luckily I found a matching button in my stash & a piece of elastic from a chocolate box ribbon which was already made into a loop. I also modified the gathers on the pocket to give a slightly neater finish which you can see here:
An experienced seamstress could have made this in a couple of hours. As a relatively inexperienced sewer I did find the instructions for the pocket a bit confusing, and this meant it took me a whole evening, but I’m so pleased with the finished result which only cost about ¬£4!