Not a Card!

In-car picture

I’ve had a satnav for ages, but haven’t been able to find a suitable mount for my Fiat Panda. Then I started seeing “bean bags” for Ipads, tablets etc & realised I could make a smaller version for my satnav. I based it on this tutorial, starting off with a piece of fabric which was 23cm by 28cm.

Extra views of bean bag

I made a couple of very minor modifications. I stitched across the bottom below the button because I used rice to fill the bag and I wanted to keep it under control. I had real difficulty stitching that part so I had to add a little extra padding, which altered the shape a little. If I made another one I would probably make an inner lining filled with rice. I also stitched across the top to create a flat piece to grab the beanbag.  I’m not an expert sewist so I’m really pleased with the finished result, which took me less than 90 minutes to make.