Not a Sorbetto!

Front of blouse

Before I discovered Sure-Fit Designs, I decided to try out the free Colette Sorbetto pattern to try to build my skills. Cutting a VERY long story short: it was awful! It became clear half way through making it that it was huge. It would have made a lovely maternity top, but my days of needing such a thing are long gone! Having read (too late, of course!) other bloggers’ reviews it’s clear I’m not the only one with this issue.  I tried various ways to rescue it but ultimately decided that it was never going to work.

So I was left with fabric cut to shape which I didn’t want to waste and I eventually decided that I would use my SFD sleeveless bodice blueprint (sloper) to draft a “wearable muslin” top. This was a bit of a gamble as I hadn’t even drafted my sleeveless blueprint at this point! Another first was the addition of buttonholes, which I hadn’t been brave enough to try since buying my new sewing machine a year ago, but the way the fabric for the front Sorbetto bodice had been cut left me with no option.

Front view of blouse

As you can see, the result was the complete opposite of the Sorbetto! The only change required to my pattern was that of lowering the top of the underarm seam by 1 cm, and redrafting the lower third of the armscye to match. The rest of the fit is exactly as I wanted it to be, and I’m so pleased that I now have a basic blouse pattern that I can adapt. Having just signed up for SFD’s “design a blouse” series of tutorials I’ve got lots of ideas!

ETA: After wearing it for a day I decided I wanted the back to be more fitted, so I modified the darts to make them bigger and longer from the waist up. Much better!

Montage of photos