Singer 14-78 Overlocker – 5 months on

Five months have passed since I bought my Singer 14-78 overlocker at Lidl and wrote my original review. A recent comment asked what I thought of its ability to do rolled seams and the differential feed but as I had only ever used the 4 thread overlock stitch, and have never needed to change any of the settings to get a good result, I couldn’t answer the question. I decided it was time I wrote an additional review now I’ve used it more.

In short, I still don’t regret buying it. It can be a little temperamental at times but then I’m sure most overlockers in this price range would be the same (are there any others which are so reasonably priced?)

Its major foible is that I cannot re-thread it by attaching new threads to the existing ones, it must be re-threaded from scratch every time, otherwise it just makes a mess of stitching. It also must be threaded in exactly the order described in the book. Now, I understand why that’s the case for the loopers, but how does it know that I’ve re-threaded the needles in the wrong order? Really, though, that’s no big deal and I’m getting used to re-threading it, referring to the book if I need to.

3 thread narrow edge

Anyway, back to the question from Georgia: I still haven’t played about with the differential feed but I have tested 2 more stitches,: the 3-thread rolled edge and the  3-thread narrow edge, and the results of the latter you can see above.

The 3-thread rolled edge didn’t work nearly as well. I didn’t have any fine, silky fabric to test it on and I think I would have needed to spend a lot more time playing with the tension settings to make it work on this very stretchy knit. But, as you can see, the 3-thread narrow edge worked really well. To set it up I used the standard settings as described in the excellent book which comes with the machine:

The key to the settings above is shown below:

Over the last few months I have referred to the manual many times and I’m still as impressed with it as when I first bought it. You can see from the pictures above that it’s very clear and concise. It’s all in black & white but that doesn’t detract from its usefulness.

Would I still recommend the Singer S14-78? Yes, absolutely.