It’s a Wrap!

No prizes for the world’s most unoriginal title! This wrap skirt has been a few weeks in the making, and several times I thought it was going to end up in the bin. The pattern was self-drafted from my Sure-Fit Designs skirt block, inspired by the Arielle skirt by Tilly and the Buttons. Since making my first block about a year ago I feel as though I’ve been on a voyage of self-discovery: I now have a better understanding of what suits me, and I knew that the high waist of the TATB skirt would not only look wrong on me, I would find it very uncomfortable.

The fabric (being a bargain at £5 for 1.5 metres from Abakhan) was quite see-through so it needed lining, which I’ve never done before. This was where I almost came unstuck as I had absolutely no idea how to go about drafting the pattern for it. I muddled through and although the wrap ended up on my right instead of the left as intended (don’t ask me how, I’ve no clue), I’m really pleased with the finished result.

The basic pattern was very easy to draft but I was gutted to find out (after I had congratulated myself on fitting the lining!) that the skirt had too much ease both at waist and hips. A rookie mistake which left me defeated for a while until a few days ago, when inspiration finally struck! My trusty Singer overlocker came to the rescue. I felt I had nothing to lose as I opened up the skirt and overlocked all the way from the hem, through the waist and along the lining seam to the lining hem.

It worked perfectly and all that was left was for me to hem the skirt and lining. I hand-stitched the hem then neatened the edge of the lining with my overlocker before finishing it on my sewing machine. Done! A very wearable everyday skirt which I will definitely remake in a thicker fabric.