Lidl Overlocker (Singer 14-78) – One Year On

My posts on the Singer overlocker sold at Lidl are by far my most popular blog posts, so I thought I’d do a very quick update now I’ve had the machine for over a year.

I’ve been having problems with it the last few weeks, the needle tension has been very loose no matter what setting it was on and it has meant that some seams have had to be stitched on my regular sewing machine even after overlocking. No amount of rethreading made any difference so I trawled the internet for anyone with similar issues and have found a couple of YouTubers with very useful videos.

The first is Abi’s Den. This lady has several videos on troubleshooting overlockers, and in some of her easy overlocker project tutorials she uses the Singer overlocker. She has a very clear way of explaining things so definitely worth a look.

However, the video which solved my tension issues was this one which explained a different way of threading the needles, by lifting the presser foot and reducing the tension to 0. I followed this method and voila! My overlocker is now working perfectly again.

I also contacted Singer for advice. They responded within a working day or so, which I think is excellent, and sent me several information sheets about how to check that the machine is threaded correctly etc. They also asked me about whether I still had the original packaging, receipt etc so I’m hopeful they would have honoured the warranty but thankfully I won’t have to test that now!